Our customers always have nothing but good things to say after they experience Pop-Up Studio!

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Below is a glowing Yelp review from the 2015 class president of Grosse Pointe South High School.  We had a great time doing their Senior Prom at the Roostertail on the Detroit River.

Below is a scan of a very nice Thank You card from one of our happy customers from this Summer. 

"Exceptional! That is the word that comes to mind when I think of Pop-Up Studio. Dave was such a pleasure to work with! He was very responsive and wanted to make the night as perfect as possible for us. I can't even begin to describe what a HUGE hit Pop-Up Studio was at our wedding! I, for one, LOVE photo booths at weddings and this far-and-away blew any other "photo booth" out of the water!! I LOVE POP-UP STUDIO…and so did all of our friends and family!! My mom even said "Everyone should have that at their wedding!" Not only that, but the quality, clarity of photos, 4x6 printouts, equipment and props were beyond my expectations. Thanks, again, for adding such fun and entertainment to our special day! 9/19/15. Love, Katie & Bob."  Picture below is of bride Katie and owner and operator Dave Christiansen.

DSC_1839 (1).jpg

As you can see below, we received a very sweet Christmas postcard from one of our favorite past clients, Ellie and Dom.  We did their wedding Pop-Up Studio in September 2014, and they are clearly still loving the photos and they made for a pretty awesome Christmas card.  Thanks for the love you two!

My family threw me the BEST 50th Birthday/Retirement Party! My sister was the mastermind behind the celebration. Everyone in attendance shared that it was THE Party of 2015 (it's only January) and the Pop-Up-Studio pushed the celebration over the TOP! From the moment I walked in, Dave captured every ounce of excitement I exhibited and it continued for well over three hours! My family and friends are still calling to share how professional and patient Dave was throughout the evening (not to mention that everyone looked like a movie star or celebrity). And the props inspired everyone to leave their "comfort zone" and get into character! Kudos to Dave and the Pop-Up-Studio! You made my celebration an evening of absolute MAGIC. Now that's GOOD STUFF! --- Mikki Z, guest of honor.

Pop-Up Studio is a twist on the popular photo booths. It allows for more fun backgrounds and more space. Who wants to be crammed in a photo booth? Not me. I like space for group shots. You can choose your background, he can create one, or like us, we created our own and he gave us a small discount since he didn't have to build the background himself. He seemed up for it, but when I told him my dad could do it he said no problem and offered a discount that way. We had unlimited 4X6 pics printed out for people and I think people really liked that. They get an actual picture to take home on the spot. They aren't those long thin small photo booth pics. They are actual 4x6s (more practical), I think the guests loved taking them home. Pop-Up Studio is Detroit based, but traveled to my Chicago wedding for a very reasonable fee. Looking back at my pictures are some of our best memories. We got so many laughs! We were amazed at the people who had their pictures taken. So many! Even people we never would have expected were getting into, with props, etc. Dave is super easy and sweet to work with. I've been at another wedding where he was a vendor at. There were no problems there either! Smooth sailing! I would highly recommend Pop-Up Studio! I'm so sad my wedding is over, but I have memories such as the pics from Pop-Up Studio to help with the sadness! Great vendor!!!!  --- Megan, Bride.

"We used Pop-Up Studio's photo booth service for our wedding this past August. It was a hit among all of our guests - all ages and demographics. The props were unique, fun and better quality than what most photo booth services have to offer. The quality of the actual photography is clear, crisp and most importantly, flattering! We had a guest book available for people to sign but we hardly got any signatures which is ok because our DVD of photos from Pop-Up Studio is a better keep sake and more representative of how I remember our guests. The candids are great and I'm actually a bigger fan of the photos from Pop-Up studio than some of our professional photos! Lastly, we opted to have the printer on site and I'm happy we paid the extra dollars for that because everyone really enjoyed taking home the memories as well. Overall, we had a wonderful experience with Pop-Up Studio and I'd highly recommend this service for any special event as a fun treat for guests!"  --- Casey, bride.

"In the beginning we went back and forth about doing something like this. However, in the end we went ahead and booked Pop-Up Studio. I can say that it was probably one of the best decisions that we made for the wedding. Guests absolutely loved the photos. It was an attraction at the wedding that people couldn't stay away from. The photo quality is very professional, the moments they capture are hilarious, and the props provided were really fun and such a great variety.  Pop-Up Studio also was a very easy process to deal with. Didn't have to plan much else besides booking the date. Setup was seamless as well as break down -one less thing you have to think about on your big day.  I highly recommend having them do your wedding. You and your guests will love the memories."  --- Brandon, groom.

"With absolutely no reservation, we give the highest recommendations for Pop-Up Studio. My husband and I hired Pop-Up Studio for our wedding. Dave and his staff were professional, timely, and a pleasure to work with. Their props are top-notch and very entertaining. Best of all, our guests had so much fun taking photos in the studio. I know this because the photos show it!

The photos were promptly uploaded to the Pop-Up Studio website on the morning following our wedding which was great because we were able to look through all the wonderful photos with our guests at our wedding brunch. The photos provided tons of laughs and a great recap of the evening!

Now, a few months after our wedding we are even more pleased that we used Pop-Up Studio. After receiving my professional wedding photos, we realized there were SO many important people at our wedding that were never photographed by our photographer. Thanks to Pop-Up Studio, we have fun, professional-quality photos of these guests to treasure forever.

We were super pleased with Pop-Up Studio. We will definitely recommend them to any future brides & grooms we know!" --- Katina, bride.

Chandler Wedding

“Your photography skills and booth made our wedding!  Thank you so much for providing such an incredible service.  I hope to see - and hire you - in the future.  Best, Suzy & Michael.”  --- Suzy, from her postcard.

"Dave and his team were incredible! They accommodated all of our requests from the beginning of the booking process through the day of our wedding. People who didn't dance loved taking photos, and the photos from his booth are super flattering. I recommend that all of my friends have photo booths, and hire Dave if they're getting married in the Midwest."  --- Suzy from her Wedding Wire review.


Greshock wedding

I just want you to know that you did an awesome job with the photo booth and the pictures came out GREAT! Everyone said it was the BEST photo booth they have ever seen and your photos are proof of that! I also love that we can download any or all of the photos right off the site!
— J. Greshock

Tierney wedding

We loved Pop-Up Studio and so did our wedding guests. It added an element of spunk to our otherwise traditional wedding and captured guests doing what they do best; being themselves. The options were endless. Some guests were goofy, while others serious. Some took group shots while others took solos. Some guests danced, smooched and modeled hats while others just smiled or laughed. Pop-Up Studio captured the spirit of each and every one of our guests and there’s no better keepsake than that. Everything from the lighting and backdrop to the quality of pictures was nothing short of professional. We can’t get enough of Pop-Up Studio!
— A. Tierney

Huffer wedding

I hesitated to hire a photo booth for our wedding because I was already spending so much on the wedding photographer but it was well worth it, trust me. Some of our favorite pictures from our wedding day were actually from Pop-Up Studio, not the wedding photographer. To get great pictures of all our family and friends having fun was a huge plus, and we’ll always treasure the photos we got from our Pop-Up Studio. It definitely made our reception more fun for everyone and it was actually getting just as much attention from our guests as the dance floor, if not more. Really the best part besides the image quality is how many people you can fit in one photo, we got some great group shots that wouldn’t have been possible in a regular photo booth.
— A. Huffer

Thielbar wedding

I highly recommend anyone having a wedding use Pop-Up Studio, no other photo booth I’ve seen even comes close to this. We started to realize the value of Pop-Up Studio the day after the wedding when we were thinking back to the night and it seemed like such a blur. It was at that next day the Pop-Up Studio pictures were already up on the website, and when I saw how much fun our guests had, I felt that our year of preparation, endless work and pile of money were all worth it. First of all, Dave was consistently responsive and friendly throughout the process. Also, the pictures have a very artful, portrait feel because the pictures aren’t just posed like a traditional photo booth. Dave snapped candid pictures as well while everyone was dressing up in the props and having a good time, and those are the pictures that really caught people’s personality.
It was really cool that so many people could fit in the pictures and you could still really see their faces. Also, because of the open setup, everyone else could see how much fun those who were taking the pictures were having, and I think that kind of encouraged everyone to participate. We have a picture of most of our guests, when they are actually having fun, and the pictures are really good (definitely good enough to frame), which is more than I can say for any traditional photo booth pictures I’ve ever taken.
I did not realize the value of Pop-Up Studio until after the wedding was over, so for all you fiancés out there, this is a must!
— K. Thielbar

Studiofeast underground supper club

amNewYork newspaper article featuring a Pop-Up Studio photo, which was seen by thousands and thousands of NYC commuters.

We had Pop-Up Studio at two different events for my underground supper club and our guests always loved the experience and seemed pleasantly surprised the downloads were free. The photographs were of such a high quality that we used one of them when someone wrote a newspaper article about our organization. I also loved that the pictures showed up on a screen right as they were taken. If people were making a face they didn’t like or something you can just keep taking photos till everyone is happy. The pics of us jumping were especially awesome! It definitely added a lot of fun to our event after everyone was finished with their meals, and I’d recommend it to anyone hosting a corporate or promotional event of their own.
— M. Lee, founder of Studiofeast

A Place at the Table benefit for Ali Forney Center.

Pop-Up-Studio is the life of the party! It’s a great way to get your guests engaged and keep the momentum going. Also a fantastic way to optimize branding opportunities for sponsors and clients who want additional exposure out of the norm. Pop-Up Studio is a staple for every event!
— P. West, Special Events Manager for Ali Forney Center
I’ve actually been to four events that used Pop-Up Studio. Whether it’s a BBQ, reunion, or wedding, the party always ends up revolving around the photo booth. The pictures are so good that you’ll notice all your friends who were at the event are using them as profile pics the next day. Whenever I hear about someone looking into those small photo booths with a curtain I always steer them towards Pop-Up Studio instead!
— N. Best

THS Class of 2002 Reunion

I loved working with Pop-Up Studio! We recently had a reunion party with 150 people from across the country. Pop-Up Studio quickly became the main attraction and added so much excitement to the event. I’d recommend Pop-Up Studio for anything - from large corporate parties, to small gatherings. Their professionalism and reliability made the planning and set-up really seamless.
— J. Barr
Thank you so much! The photos look fabulous!!! You were great and I will be sure to recommend you in the future!
— M. Weston