Lincoln Gazing Over Our Pop-Up Studio

We shot at a wedding reception in the beautiful Newberry Library in downtown Chicago last Saturday, beneath the gaze of President Lincoln! The painting of one of our greatest presidents was created in 1868 by George P.A. Healy.  History and photo booths, two of our favorite things!

Newberry Library in downtown Chicago.

Pop-Up Studio makes a surprise appearance in Us Weekly!

An event photographer took a picture of actress Parker Posey while she was in our Pop-Up Studio at a fundraiser for the Ali Forney Center in NYC.  The next day a friend sent us a screenshot from her Us Weekly mobile app featuring a photo of Parker that looked almost exactly like one we had taken, just at a slightly different angle.  So clearly that means we're "famous" by association!  Kinda, sorta...

Actress Parker Posey

Kind words about Pop-Up Studio  Here is a link to a blog entry from a fashion blogger who experienced Pop-Up Studio a while back at an event we did in NYC.

"I recommend you all use Pop Up Studio at your next event.  It is so much fun."

"Pop-Up Studio, a great new enterprise by photographer David Christiansen, captured the event and entertained all the guests with an authentic Photo-Studio experience."

New website design!

We hope you like the new site design, we think it will make for a better user experience and looks pretty slick too!  Make sure to click the Facebook and Twitter icons at the bottom of the page to Like or Follow Pop-Up Studio!  Since our old blog got erased we will be reposting old material over the next week.